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Wolfspeed and MEV – Partners in Silicon Carbide (SiC)

MEV Elektronik has been working with its partner Wolfspeed for many years. Wolfspeed’s SiC MOSFETs, Diodes and Modules have faster switching speeds and consume less energy than conventional silicon solutions at comparable prices. More and more application areas are coming into focus. For example: Low voltage motors, Servo motors, Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners and More …

Wolfspeed silicon carbide enables embedded motor drives

Electric motors, including industrial low voltage drives, account for more than 50% of all electricity used in industry globally. Traditionally, industrial low voltage motor drives were designed with the motor and drive in separate housings and connected by a long cable, resulting in poor motor reliability or increased cost from needing output filters, wasted power and lower overall system efficiency.  ​

Today silicon carbide is enabling a shift to embedded motor drives where the drive and motor are combined into one smaller unit. Combining motors and drives can reduce overall system cost by 20-40% and improve drive efficiency by up to 2.6% so motor manufacturers can achieve IE3 and IE4 efficiency standards.

Design embedded servo drives with Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide​

Designing servo drives with Wolfspeed silicon carbide enables smaller, more efficient and power dense embedded servo drives. Silicon carbide can also overcome the thermal challenges that plague IGBTs, further reducing the size of drives and resulting in longer system life.

Optimize servo drive systems with Wolfspeed 650 V MOSFETs

Wolfspeed 650 V silicon carbide MOSFETs allow servo drive designers to optimize systems for maximum efficiency at a reduced size and cost. For example, in an 11 kW, 8 kHz system upgrading to a semi-bridgeless Totem Pole-PFC and replacing IGBTs in the inverter with drop-in silicon carbide MOSFETS yields:​

  • 2% efficiency improvement​
  • 220 W reduction in losses​

Redesigning the PFC using a bridgeless totem pole topology and upgrading the inverter with silicon carbide MOSFETs improves efficiency even more to 2.4%. ​

When compared to high-speed, soft-switched IGBTs, Wolfspeed 650 V MOSFETs offer drastically lower conduction losses and almost no switching losses, significantly improving the performance of embedded industrial motor drives.

Silicon carbide enables more efficient heat pumps and air conditioners with minimal redesign​​

Today, heating and cooling systems consume more than 50% of all energy produced globally. Increasingly stringent energy efficiency standards including the American SEER ratings; ESEER and SCOP levels in Europe, the middle east and Africa; and China’s GB21455 standards are all targeting reducing the impact heating and cooling have on our power grid and on the warming planet. ​

Switching from traditional silicon to Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide devices can increase a heating or cooling system’s efficiency while reducing overall unit size and cost of ownership. Silicon carbide enables increased SCOP levels, superior thermal performance and less audible noise (>20 kHz frequency).

Model silicon carbide efficiency with SpeedFit™

Maximize heat pump and air conditioning efficiency when you simulate with SpeedFit Design Simulator, the first step to selecting the right devices for your design. Our online simulation tool offers an easy-to-use interface for evaluating Wolfspeed’s silicon carbide MOSFETs, diodes and power modules many power topologies. Start simulating today and harness the power of Wolfspeed silicon carbide in your heat pumps and air conditioners.

Design Simulator Download.

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