Our Products

Highly precise and extremely robust

High-resolution absolute encoders from Netzer Precision.

In addition to an extremely flat design, the capacitive hollow shaft encoders also offer very good EMC and are suitable for harsh environments.


  • High resolution 16 to 21 bit
  • High accuracy 0.001° – 0.020° / repeatability ±1 count
  • Very good EMV
  • Small size, flat design
  • hollow shaft
  • Suitable for harsh environments (shock, vibration, temperature, etc.)
  • SSI & BISS interface

Due to their properties, Netzer’s Electric Encoders™ are very well suited for the following applications / markets:

There are currently three different product series:

DS-Series: Hollow Shaft Capacitive Absolute Rotary Encoders (16…130mm)

VL-series: Hollow Shaft Capacitive Absolute Rotary Encoders (35…247mm)

DL-series: Capacitive Absolute Rotary Shaft Encoders (25 & 66 mm)

You can get more information by clicking on the series or the pictures!

Upcoming Event:

Please visit us at the SPS show 2023 in Nuremberg ( NOV 14 to 16) at Booth 268 in Hall 1 and see a live demo of Netzer’s Electric Encoders™.

Get a free SPS ticket here.

For questions please contact:

Guido Gandolfo
Product Line Manager, Motion Control
+49 5424 2340-57

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