Our Products


Wisechip Semiconductor Inc. was established in November 2005 with a robust technical management team. Rapidly entering the optoelectronics industry, the company is dedicated to researching, designing, manufacturing, and global marketing Organic Light light-emitting diode (OLED) displays. Offering a diverse range of display products spanning from 0.19 inches to 8.9 inches, totaling over a thousand different sizes, Wisechip develops various technologies, including flexible, transparent, mini displays, embedded touch panels, applications of TADF OLED, and OLED products for lighting. The company also enhances the competitiveness of medium to large-sized panels, continuously optimizing material systems to supply high-brightness, low-power consumption, high-resolution display, and touch solutions. Providing customers with comprehensive display modules featuring functional advantages, Wisechip accelerates the commercialization of customer designs, catering to diverse applications in industrial control, networking, medical devices, and more.。

Wisechip leverages the advantages of panel and optical research design, along with accumulated experience in collaboration with international giants, to initiate the expansion of the system integration application landscape. The company is driving a strategy to extend the value of its product line, integrating optics and panel miniaturization, and investing in optical engine research to explore new markets in smart wearable technology. OLED, with its flexible characteristics, adjustable brightness, variable color spectrum, high efficiency, and ease of use, presents advantages that make it suitable for applications in skin treatment and phototherapy for physiological regulation. Wisechip is extending its reach into the health and medical sector, with broad prospects for application. Through interdisciplinary and cross-industry collaborations, the company aims to usher in a new era of intelligent services.

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