Our Products


Based in Hamburg, Germany, TRINAMIC provides integrated Circuits and Modules for Motor and Motion Control to customers all over the world, most of them leaders in their Industry.

Application driven

The use of small motors is increasing rapidly in many different types of products. In leading-edge industries such as biotechnology, lab automation, semiconductor handling equipment, CCTV and factory automation, TRINAMIC products control all kinds of embedded motion control systems.

TRINAMIC’s application-driven approach and deep application understanding means that customers do not need in-depth knowledge of motors, nor of control circuitry. Consequently, the design phase is simplified, resulting in significant labor and cost savings in development as well as a reduction in the total cost of ownership.

Ease of Use

TRINAMIC’s Motion Control Language (TMCL) makes it easy to develop motion control applications and allows for shorter development cycles and a short time to market.

TRINAMIC customers benefit from the company’s extensive knowledge of motor physics and its library of intellectual property (IP), built over years of application knowledge.

Product development at TRINAMIC focuses on meeting customer demands for miniaturization, efficiency, diagnostic support and protection, all of which ensure the reliability of the complete system.

Energy Efficiency

TRINAMIC is committed to energy efficient solutions. With industry leading technologies such as the patented coolStep™, TRINAMIC products add energy-saving to the ease of use and precision of stepper Motors.

The patented stallGuard™ load detection enables precise and silent homing without any homing switches. Integrated diagnostic features can detect potential system faults to reduce downtime.

German Engineering

TRINAMIC cherishes the core values of German engineering and is committed to reliability, not only concerning the products, but also with regard to business ethics and processes.

TRINAMIC is certified according to ISO9001 and ISO13485 (medical).

Embedded in a network of strong strategic relationships with leading research institutions and industrial partners, TRINAMIC’s research efforts are superior, geared entirely to the enhancement of product performance, to innovation and invention, at the same time increasing efficiency and reducing power consumption.

Long Term Commitment

With a history going back more than 20 years and a traditional private ownership of the company shares, TRINAMIC is able to give a commitment to long term availability.

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