Our Products


Founded in 1997, Jorjin Technologies is a provider of modular processing, sensing and wireless connectivity solutions which enable our customers to bring innovate products to market in the shortest possible time and at competitive cost.

Our customers are in a wide range of markets including wearable consumer electronics, automotive infotainment, cloud connected devices and industrial mobile computing.  

Jorjin wireless system in package (SiP) modules cover the complete range of protocols including WiFi, Bluetooth / BLE, Zigbee, WiSun, NFC, GPS & GLONASS. In addition to supplying hardware, Jorjin offers driver porting services onto a wide range of application processors. We also provide MCU based connectivity solutions to support the emerging internet of things (IoT) market. We work with the leading silicon vendors and have shipped over 80M SiP modules to date.

In 2012, Jorjin launched the first in a series of application processor system on module (SoM) solutions. These advanced feature extremely small footprints using either package on package (PoP) memory or multi-chip module (MCM) assembly. Software support is via a core board support package (BSP) and Jorjin offers a joint design and manufacturing service to provide complete solutions based on these modules. Products currently on the market include mobile point of sale & ticketing, rugged tablets, medical devices and smart glasses.  

Jorjin recently also set up a new imaging team to design and supply a range of camera sensor modules, 3D time of flight cameras and other sensor solutions to build up and promote Smart Glass for various industries applications.

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