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Highest precision for harsh conditions

The new absolute Encoder VLR-100 from Netzer is designed for unparalleled reliability and is characterized by its innovative contactless, contactless, capacitive technology in extreme environments.

Its extraordinary versatility makes the VLR-100 a decisive tool in various demanding applications, especially in defense applications and in the heavy machine area such as oil bores, cranes and tower control systems.
With its robust, maintenance-free design, the VLR-100 sets new standards in the market. The wear-free, bearingless design ensures operating efficiency that far exceeds that of its competitors. Equipped with a hollow shaft bore, temperature stability and the serial interfaces SSI and BiSS-C, the VLR-100 goes beyond conventional sensor functions.
Regarding the mechanical structure, the VLR-100 offers practical and useful mounting options for different requirements:

  1. Easy installation with clamps on a flat surface
  2. A mechanically repeatable “bearing-like” installation option designed for applications requiring greater precision and repeatability in alignment.

Ready to elevate your harsh-environment precision game?

The VLR-100 is perfect for industries with the toughest environmental conditions and sets new standards for sensor retention and precision.

Downloads & Links

VLR-100 Product Guide (PDF)

Netzer Product Catalog (PDF, EN)


If you would like to know more about Netzer Precision Absolute Encoders, please contact:

Guido Gandolfo
Product Line Manager
Motion Control
+49 5424 2340-57

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