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Bluetooth for smart home applications

With the Bluetooth ICs of the RTL877x family, Realtek offers an extensive product range for smart home applications. These microcontrollers with Bluetooth connectivity according to the BLE 5.0 to 5.3 standards are versatile and, depending on the variant, have various interfaces for the control of displays or sensors or similar. In addition to BLE, these Realtek solutions also support the Thread protocol based on IEEE 802.15.4 and are compatible with the new Matter standard. The different chipsets in this family are suitable for different tasks in a smart home network. Regardless of whether it is an end node, controller or border router – Realtek has the right solution.
Additional Bluetooth ICs from Realtek support proprietary 2.4 GHz communication standards or Zigbee and thus address a variety of applications.
The Ameba WLAN products round off Realtek’s IoT and smart home portfolio. With WiFi 6 single or dual band support, even more demanding applications can be met. Of course, many of the Realtek Ameba products are also Matter compliant.

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