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Altum RF Introduces Low Noise Amplifiers for E-Band applications

Our partner Altum RF, a supplier of high-performance RF to millimeter-wave semiconductor solutions for next generation markets and applications, announces E-band LNAs available as bare die and packaged devices.

Altum RF’s ARF1206 E-band low-noise amplifier is suitable for a variety of demanding telecommunications and sensing applications. It features 20 dB typical gain with 2.5-3.5 dB noise figure from 71-86 GHz and operates off a single 4V supply. It is pre-matched on the input and output to 50 Ω with integrated ESD-protection.

This part is fabricated using GaAs technology and is also available in a 5×5 mm² surface mount package, the ARF1206L5.

Part numberFrequency Range (GHz)Gain (dB)P1dB (dBm)NF (dB)Bias Voltage (V)Bias Current (mA)PackageSampling
ARF120671-8620122.5 – 3.5445Bare DieNOW
ARF1206L571-8618123.0 – 4.54455 x 5 mmNOW
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