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Miniaturized stepper controller+drivers from ADI Trinamic!

The new TMC5271 and TMC5272 from ADI Trinamic are miniaturized high-performance stepper motor controller and driver ICs with 8-point acceleration ramp, selectable chopper modes with up to 256 microsteps, sensorless load detection and lossless integrated current measurement (ICS) without shunt resistors.
Communication with the microcontroller is via SPI or UART. Optionally, the driver can be controlled via step/direction.

Encoders and limit switches can be evaluated directly by the TMC5271/TMC5272.
The new TriCoder detects whether a motor has been moved while it is stationary. In addition to protection and diagnostics, many other modern functions known from Trinamic are available.

The TMC5271 can drive up to 1.6 A, the TMC5272 can drive two motors up to 0.8 A at max. 20V.
With an approx. 3 x 3 mm 36-pin WLCSP package and only a few external components, the TMC5271/TMC5272 require extremely little space on the circuit board.

Appropriate tools are available for quick evaluation:



TMC5271_datasheet.pdf | TMC5272_datasheet.pdf


If you are interested in learning more about ADI Trinamic’s new high-performance drivers, please contact: 

Guido Gandolfo
Produkt Line Manager
Motion Control
+49 5424 2340-57

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