The MMA021AA is a two-stage PHEMT high gain amplifier designed to be insensitive to process or temperature changes. Its high isolation makes it ideal for applications requiring both gain and isolation. The device can be operated at 5V 135mA, or 3.3V 108mA for integration with mixed-signal circuitry.

The UA5M20MC MMIC Amplifier with Integrated Bias is designed for digital radio, spread spectrum, electronic warfare, and broadband communication systems. It can be used as a LO or mixer isolation amplifier, a transmit amplifier in a radio system, or as a general isolation and gain block amplifier.

- Frequency: 5-20GHz

- P1dB: 17.5dBm

- Gain: 15.5dB

- NF: 5.5dB @ 10 GHz

- Bias: 5V,135mA

- Package: Die

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