WS2116: all new IoT Modules compliant with global Sigfox Protocols and bi-directional BLE

Jorjin, the leading module designer and supplier in Taiwan, announced the launch of next-generation, RC1-RC6 global ‘monarch-compatible’ Sigfox and BLE modules.

Since the launch of the first generation Sigfox certified modules (WS2118-00 & WS2119-A0) in May, 2018, Jorjin has continued to develop modules, now introducing the WS2116 series, a new module family offering global ‘monarch-compatible’ Sigfox compliance and BLE, for dual-radio functionality. The WS2116 series of modules targets at LPWAN (Low-power Wide Area Network) applications and auto-switches across different regional frequency bands. The new module solution is applicable and beneficial for moving IoT devices such as asset tracking in logistics and deployments of fleet of IoT devices at globe scale, for environment monitoring, data analysis, and other electronic applications.

Jorjin’s new module portfolio is powered by the highly-efficient dual-radio solution from ST based on S2-LP ultra-low-power long-range LPWAN transceiver and the BlueNRG-2 Bluetooth low energy SoC (system-on-chip). The chipset combination offers optimal RF performances, sleep mode, longer battery lifetime, generous flash memory up to 256KB and 24KB of ultra-low-leakage SRAM and a featured set of I/O peripherals. The BlueNRG-2 device, powered by a highly-efficient Arm® Cortex®-M0 processor, also supports Bluetooth SIG-certified Mesh capability, offering a wider flexibility and extended communication range.

Bluetooth low energy connectivity enables Jorjin’s new modules to outperform multiple significant functions in the IoT infrastructure. For example, the firmware could be updated through FOTA (Firmware-Over-the-Air) channel using a smartphone or tablet to perform the upgrade procedure, enhancing Sigfox LPWAN connectivity.
Engineered specifically for IoT applications, the dual-radio Sigfox and BLE modules can remotely and seamlessly send notification messages to the global cloud, as no additional local gateway is required. It allows for local configuration or monitoring of the device through a smartphone App.

The new modules from Jorjin target the smart meters, asset trackers and sensors. To demonstrate its efforts, Jorjin will attend Sigfox Connect during Oct 24 – 25 in Berlin, Germany to showcase global ‘monarch-compatible’ Sigfox and BLE modules, applicable in meters and sensors. Jorjin is dedicated in delivering high-quality, highly customizable services for ODM/OEM client. To further penetrate the IoT ecosystem, Jorjin has formed partnerships with solution leaders across software, hardware and cloud domains.

About Jorjin
Founded in 1997, Jorjin Technologies is a provider of modular processing, sensing and wireless connectivity solutions which enable our customers to bring innovate products to market in the shortest possible time and at competitive cost. Our customers are in a wide range of markets including wearable consumer electronics, automotive infotainment, cloud connected devices and industrial mobile computing.

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