The low noise TMCM-1260 – also as PANdrive

Whether as a standalone module or PANdrive PD57/60-x-1260, the TMCM-1260 offers an intelligent solution transforming digital information into physical motion.

TRINAMIC announces the motor mountable module TMCM-1260. Available as a complete PANdrive solution or single module, it allows for precise, reliable positioning with high torque.

Michael Randt, Founder and CEO of the Hamburg-based company, explains why they offer both the module and PANdrive: “We see a trend developing where engineers are more and more software-oriented. By offering complete building blocks such as the PD57/60-x-1260 or even the TMCM-1260 module, we provide them with easy to use smart stepper motor drives embodying the latest Trinamic technologies as well as sensorless diagnostics.”

Incorporating Trinamic’s popular StallGuard2 technology and CoolStep, the load-dependent current control saving up to 70% energy. StealthChop allows no noise operation. SpreadCycle ensures the highest performance at high speeds, while the magnetic SensOstep encoder provides step-loss detection – even in standstill. Designed for an operating voltage of +12V to +48V DC nominal at up to 6A RMS phase current resulting in 0.55Nm to 3,1Nm pullout-torque, the module provides superior performance wherever small stepper motors are used.

Ensuring precise and rapid positioning, the integrated SixPoint ramp generator per axis offloads the MCU of real-time positioning calculations – even in environments where parameters and target positions must be changed during motion. L+R reference switch inputs are incorporated fore very axis as well, and the module comes with StallGuard2 for sensorless homing.

Besides these technologies, Trinamic’s TMCM-1260 allows for host communication via the RS485 or CAN interface using TMCL or the optional CANopen protocol. Together with the free and easy to use TMCL-IDE, the module allows for easy implementation of a standalone program flow and remote-controlled operation.

The module TMCM-1260 and the PANdrives PD57/60-x-1260 are available from end of June 2018.

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