TMC4361 Closed Loop Servo Stepper Motion Controller



MEV presents the closed loop servo stepper motion controller Trinamic TMC4361, the worldwide only hard wired stepper motion controller with real time S-ramp generation. 

The TMC4361 has been developed for sophisticated applications, where a regular stepper motor control is not sufficient. Due to the high number of interfacing options it can be used in a wide field of different applications. The S-shaped acceleration ramps avoid speed jumps in order to reach faster the maximum velocity without step loss or stall. Different ramp sections can be pre-programmed in a FIFO memory. Both incremental encoders and serial absolute position sensors can be interfaced to the TMC4361. With the integrated closed loop algorithm the stepper motor can be operated as position controlled servo motor. The current is regulated dependent on the load of the motor. When the current limit is reached, the speed will be reduced until the required torque can be achieved. The TMC4361 interfaces with SPI to the MCU and can drive standard stepper motor drivers via SPI, Step/Direction or PWM. Using Trinamic stepper motor drivers enables the use of the latest technologies like the no-noise feature stealthChop™. End- or reference switches can be connected and controlled directly. Multi axis systems can be developed easily using a hardware synchronizing pin.

Coming in a 5x5mm package, the TMC4361 is currently the smallest hard wired solution for closed loop or s-ramp stepper motor control.

The TMC4361 motion controller and the corresponding evaluation board TMC4361-EVAL is available from MEV.

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