New Industrial-Grade StorFly SSDs

Providing Cost-Effectiveness, 7X Reliability Improvement over Standard MLC

This new XE Class of drives bridges the gap between Virtium’s current StorFly CE Class MLC SSDs, which are ideally suited for boot-drive and/or lower workload environments, and the StorFly PE Class (SLC) drives, designed for the most demanding workloads and highest reliability. By providing a middle category, industrialsystem designers now have an unmatched selection of solid-state storage with which to meet their specific requirements.

StorFly XE Class SSDs leverage Virtium’s new industrial–grade multi-level cell (iMLC) technology to strike a unique balance between high reliability and cost efficiency. XE Class drives provide up to seven times greater read/write endurance than the StorFly CE Class (MLC) and support industrial temperature (-40C to 85C) operation -- all at only a marginal price premium over CE Class SSDs.



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