20W Wireless Power Transceiver Module

The 20 Watt Wireless Power Transceiver CMT020B/CMR020A consists of a transmitter module and a receiver module, carefully tuned to be highly resonant with each other in order to accomplish efficient wireless power transfer. The transmitter module (pictured left) transmits “resonant power” from the surface area of its antenna (pictured middle) defined by X and Y as power area and to a height Z which is the distance from the antenna surface. The receiver module (picture right, with its antenna on the back side), when positioned within the space defined by X, Y and Z, receives theresonant power and performs the necessary conversions to supply a load which is typically the battery to be charged.
Add these features to your product with the jjPlus Wireless Power Transceiver Module:

  • the ability to transfer power wirelessly at a distance or area
  • the ability to offer high tolerance of orientational misalignment between the transmitter and the receiver
  • the ability to power through thick surfaces of various types i.e. wood, glass, stone, water etc.
  • the ability to power multiple devices i.e. a single transmitter to multi-receivers configuration

Compared with Magnetic Inductive systems working in the KHz range, jjPlus’ 6.78MHz Magnetic Resonance system is much less prone to heat unintentional metal objects, such as coins/watches to dangerous temperatures.

Power Input Interface

DC In Jumper x 1 with Power LED indicator

Input Power Requirement

DC: 24V 1.5A

Output Power

20W, 23V/0.87A max. deliver to the receiver side

Power Area (X & Y)

130 mm (l) x 90 mm (w)

Power Distance (Z)

Optimum 30 mm

Size (Transmitter- control board)

138 mm (l) x 82 mm (w) x 13.0 mm (h)

Size (Transmitter- coil board)

138 mm (l) x 115 mm (w) x 1.0 mm (h)

Size (Receiver)

97 mm (l) x 66 mm (w) x 13.6 mm (h)

Coil Type

PCBA balanced spiral

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