8 GHz Phase-Frequency-Detector with dual 40 GHz prescaler input

from Microsemi


The US semiconductor manufacturer Microsemi is extending its MMIC product portfolio by the new PFD1K phase frequency detector.

The 8 GHz PFD1K phase frequency detector is equipped with one 40 GHz prescaler each for the reference and the VCO input. Thus, the PFD1K is suitable for microwave and millimeter wave applications of up to 40 GHz and does not require an external prescaler affecting phase noise. The prescalers provide a scaler ratio of /1 to /127. This phase frequency detector is thus perfectly suited for the implementation of Integer-N PLLs and, fitted with a delta sigma controller, even for Fractional-N PLLs.

Here an overview of the specification:

  • Reference Frequency: 0.01-40 GHz
  • VCO Frequency: 0.01-40 GHz
  • SSB Phase Noise -153 dBc/Hz (900 MHz PFD input, 10 kHz offset)
  • Power Consumption: 1320 mW
  • Supply Voltage: 3.3 V

 Furthermore, the PFD1K offers other features. The charge pump output can e.g. be digitally controlled and in addition be finely adjusted by means of an analog signal. Moreover, the inputs and outputs can be wired both differentially and in single-ended.

The PFD1K comes in a 6x6 mm ceramic QFN package.

The 40 GHz prescaler is also available as a separate part with the part number UXN40M7K in a 4x4mm ceramic QFN package.

At the moment, PFD1K and UXN40M7K are available as samples or on an evaluation board and will be regularly available within a short time.

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