Ericsson: BMR466 60A Digital POL

Official Release of the 60A BMR466 Series

Please note that the latest addition to the Digital Point of Load (POL) range of Ericsson – the 60A BMR466 Series – has now officially been released and is available for sampling as well as for production orders:

Key Features:

  • Input: 4.5-14 V
  • Output: 60A/108 W
  • Max height 7 mm (0.276 inch) in a 25.1mm x 14.4mm LGA package
  • 94.9% efficiency at 1.8 V (typical value at half load)
  • PMBus read and write compliant


Other Features:

  • Fully regulated
  • Adaptive compensation of PWM control loop & fast loop transient response
  • Remote Control & Power Good
  • Voltage setting via pin-strap or PMBus
  • Advanced Configurable via Graphical User Interface
  • Directly paralellable up to 8 modules = 480A


Product Program:

Vout (V)               Iout (A)                Pout (W)                   Part No 

0.6-1.8                  60                    108              BMR466 8004/001C


Should you require any further information, please let us know.

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