Brand new Golledge GTXO-205 temperature compensated oscillator with wide operating temperature range

The new GTXO-205 family of temperature compensated oscillators contain two variants, GTXO-205T and the GTXO-205V with voltage control.

Both of these TCXOs feature excellent frequency stability of ±0.5ppm over extended operating temperature range of -40 to +105ºC, ideal for applications which require excellent stability at temperatures in excess of the standard industrial operating temperature range upper limit of 85ºC. 

Both the GTXO-205T and GTXO-205V are available at frequencies between 16 ~ 52MHz, and feature ultra-miniature 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.8mm ceramic packages with seam sealing for additional longevity.

These brand new TCXOs are operable from 1.8 ~ 3.3V, and feature clipped sine output with 10pF load. These TCXOs also feature good phase noise characteristics of -135kHz/dBc @ 1kHz.

The GTXO-205T and GTXO-205V also feature minimal current consumption, requiring only 1.5mA max at frequencies up to 26MHz, 2.0mA up to 32MHz, and 2.5mA up to 52MHz.

The GTXO-205V variant comes with voltage control capability as standard, with good frequency pullability range of ±8ppm minimum. 

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