AccuStable™ Sensor Die from SMI

from SMI


Pressure Ranges from 5 PSI up to 80 PSI - SO8 Ported Package

MEV presents a newly-developed Gage Pressure Sensor from SMI (Silicon Microstructures, Inc.). This
SM5G Series contains the AccuStableTM SM30 sensor. The SM30 MEMS piezoresistive pressure sensing die allows
long-time stability levels for pressure ranges between 5 and 80 PSI. The industry leading performance is achieved
through FEA assisted electro-mechanical design along with advanced MEMS processing in SMI’s captive fabrication
facility. These devices have nonlinearity, pressure hysteresis and temperature hysteresis all below 0.2% full scale,
and the sensor die has been qualified according to AECQ-100 Grade 0 requirements (-40 to 150°C).
This packaged, uncompensated sensor providing a mV outputs is intended for high volume applications where cost
is a critical factor, such as industrial and medical products, e.g. handheld meters, pneumatic gauges, pressure
switches or wound therapy, health monitoring, blood pressure and bioreactors. The SM5G can also be driven with a
current to minimize the need for compensation over smaller operating temperature ranges.
It is designed to be surface-mounted on ceramic or PC board substrates by high-volume OEM manufacturers. The
SM5G Series is in a verticle ported package. It can be used to sense pressure in a manifold configuration with an Oring
seal. The SM5G Series is shipped in tape & reel and available from MEV.



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