3-axis closed-loop high-power stepper motor controller/driver



With the TMCM-3314 and TMCM-3315 modules, MEV is presenting two other Trinamic stepper motor controllers of the 4th generation. They are based on the latest motion controller and motor driver technology and are the first multi-axis controllers with closed-loop functionality and S-shaped acceleration ramps.

Another novelty is the almost noiseless stealthChop™ operating mode where only bearing noise is still heard. In contrast to other voltage-controlled controllers, the current is regulated here, such that no loss of torque at higher speeds is to be expected. S-shaped ramps avoid leaps in acceleration. Thus, maximum speed is reached faster and more safely. Due to the integrated closed-loop function, stepper motors can be operated in a controlled manner, the motor being supplied with just as much power as is required for the present load. If the maximum current is reached, the speed is reduced to be able to achieve the required torque and to avoid step losses. An incremental encoder with ABN signals is required for the closed-loop function.
The new functions are complemented by the already introduced technologies such as the sensorless stallGuard2™ load detection, the load-dependent coolStep™ current control and the precise spreadCycle™ current regulator with up to 256 micro steps.
The connection to the host computer can be effected via USB, RS485, CAN or EtherCAT. TMCL (Trinamic Motion Control Language), CANopen or CoE (CANopen over EtherCAT) are possible protocols. TMCL enables the upload of sequential programs into the module where they can be locally run without having to connect a host.
The 3-axis modules are able to control stepper motors at max. 6.4A with a power supply of up to 48V. Peripherals can be directly controlled by means of the module via switch inputs and multi-IO connections. The modules have a uniform size of 275 x 100mm.

Module Axes Current/Voltage Interface Protocol
TMCM-3314 3 6.4A / 48V USB, RS485, CAN  TMCL, CANopen
TMCM-3315 3 6.4A / 48V USB, EtherCAT CoE

The TMCM-3314 and TMCM-3315 modules are available from MEV. 

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