CAM312 Central Tracking Unit (CTU): 2-channel position sensor controller

CambridgeIC’s CAM312 Central Tracking Unit (CTU) chip is a single-chip processor for position measurement. It implements the electronic processing for resonant inductive position sensing technology. The CAM312 measures the position of contactless, inductively coupled targets relative to sensors that are built from printed circuit boards to CambridgeIC’s designs.

The CAM312 supports a wide variety of different sensors, including rotary, linear and arc.


  • Resonant inductive position sensing engine
  • Fully ratiometric measurements
  • Automatic tuning to target frequency
  • Fast SPI communications (slave device)
  • User IOs for sample indicators
  • Measures two Type 4 sensors or one Type 2 or 6
  • SPI interface checksum available for integrity check
  • Internal software upgradable over SPI


  • Up to 2000 position samples per second
  • Resonator frequency tuning range at least ±10%
  • Short Group Delay of 200μs
  • Noise Free Resolution 10…15 bits depending on sensor
Order Code  Package Temp. Package qty.
CAM312ME  28-pin QFN  -40°C to 125°C



CAM312 datasheet (PDF)

Cambridge IC Inductive Sensing Product Fyer (DE, PDF)
Induktive Resonator-Positionserkennung (DE, PDF)

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