Custom Military Filters

Our military EMI filters are offered for any current and voltage ratings and for 50/60Hz and 400 Hz applications.

Astrodyne will address virtually any requirement for a custom EMI Filter. Our years of experience in providing EMI and RFI fitler solutions allows us to satisfy any EMC regulations and program time-line / time-to-market constraints. Our engineering expertise and vertical integration helps end customers achieve their program milestones in a timely and a cost effective manner.

In addition, we can offer value added solutions by integrating other components (breakers, fuses, etc.) into our filter package and providing modular solutions, space improvement and savings on assembly time and procurement costs.

Our Filters can also be supplied with various levels of surge and transient voltage protection (EMP, HEMP and HERF). Harmonic EMI filters are also offered for MIL-STD-461 CE101 requirements.

Custom Military Filters: Link to Portfolio and datasheets


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