The MMA043AA is a gallium arsenide (GaAs) pseudomorphic high-electron mobility transistor (pHEMT) low-noise wideband amplifier die that operates between 0.5 GHz and 12 GHz. The MMA043AA die provides 16.5 dB of gain, 1.4 dB noise figure, and 29 dBm output IP3. The amplifier draws only 55 mA of current from a 5 V supply. The RF ports are internally matched to 50 Ω, which allows for easy integration into multi-chip modules (MCMs).

- Frequency: 0.5-12 GHz

- Flat Gain: 16.5 dB

- Low Noise: 1.4 dB

- P1dB: 17 dBm

- OIP3: 29 dBm

- Bias: 5 V, 55 mA

- Package: Die



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