The MMA025AA is an eight stage traveling wave amplifier. The amplifier has been designed for low noise, flat gain, and good return loss to 30GHz. The amplifier typically has 2.5dB NF and 18dB gain from 6-20GHz, and 16dB gain from 0.04-30GHz.

The MMA025AA Broadband MMIC Low-Noise Amplifier is designed for low-noise and broadband flat-gain applications in RF and microwave communications, test equipment and military systems. By using specific external components, the bandwidth of operation can be extended below 40MHz.

- Frequency: DC-30GHz

- P1dB:14-17dBm

- Gain: 17dB

- NF: 1.9dB @ 15GHz

- Bias: 5V, 150mA

- Package: Die

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