LFWLP75 Series and LFMWLT75 Series

  • 3 x 2 x 1 Inches Form factor
  • 75 Watts Convection
  • Approval to EN60601 3rd Edition, Dual fusing
  • Efficiencies upto 93%
  • -40 to 70°C operating temperature, Thermal Shut-Down
  • Suitable for BF applications
  • Means of Protection : 2xMOPP
  • 2.00m Hours, Telcordia -SR332-issue 3
  • Standby Power < 0.3W
  • Class II option availabl

Datasheet of Industrial Version

Datasheet of Medical Version


Electrical Specifications
Input Voltage 85-264 VAC/390 VDC5, Universal (Derate from 75W at 100V AC to 65W at 85V AC)
Input Frequency 47-63 Hz  
Input Current 115 VAC: 1 A max. 230 VAC: 0.5 A max.
No Load Power less than 0.3W typical  
Inrush Current 115 VAC – 25 A, 230 VAC – 45 A, 264 VAC – 75 A  
Leakage Current 300 uA Typical, (N.A. For Class II Option) Touch current <100uA
Efficiency 93%(48V,58V),91%(24V,30V),90%(12V,15V)  
Hold-up Time >16 ms typical  
Power Factor exceeds 0.95 with Full Load  
Output Power 75W Convection
Output Voltage Adjustability +/-3%  
Line Regulation +/-0.5%  
Load Regulation +/-1%  
Transient Response 25% step load change, at 0.1A/uS slew rate, 50% duty cycle, 50Hz=4% , recovery time < 5 ms
Rise Time 55 ms typical  
Set Point Tolerance +/-1%  
Over Current Protection >110%  
Over Voltage Protection 110 to 140%, Latch type (AC recycling required)  
Short Circuit Protection Hiccup mode  
Switching Frequency 60 KHz typical  
Operating Temperature* -40 to +70°C  
Storage Temperature -40 to +85°C  
Relative Humidity 5% to 95%, noncondensing  
Altitude Operating: 16,000 ft.; Nonoperating: 40,000 ft.  
MTBF 2.00m Hours, Telcordia-SR332-issue 3  
Isolation Voltage Input to Output – 4000 VAC medical applications.
Input to GND - 1500 VAC (Not Applicable For Class II Option)
Output to GND- 1500VAC for type BF , 500 VAC for type B (Not Applicable For Class II Option)
Protection Level Primary to Secondary: 2 MOPP, Primary to Earth: 1 MOPP, Secondary to Earth: 1 MOPP  
Cooling 75W with natural convection cooling at 100 to 264VAC.


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