Small, efficient and reliable

The new full-bridge drivers from ADI Trinamic enable miniaturized DC motor drives with high efficiency.

The new MAX22201, MAX22202 & MAX22207 devices integrate a 36V, 3.5A peak full bridge that can drive one brushed DC motor. High efficiency is achieved by using very low impedance FETs with a typical on-resistance of 0.3 Ω (HS+LS). The peak current value of 3.5 A is limited by the overcurrent protection threshold. The peak current is defined as the maximum current the driver can provide for short transients. The maximum effective current is 2 A and is usually limited by thermal considerations. It is achieved on a standard JEDEC 4-layer board at 25°C ambient temperature. The real maximum operating current depends on the thermal characteristics of the application.

The MAX22201, MAX22202 & MAX22207 drivers feature a non-dissipative and accurate integrated current sensing and current drive regulation to monitor the current through the motor coil and limit peak output current.  When the motor current exceeds the current limit threshold, the full bridge enters a decay mode for a fixed off time.

 For brushed motor drive applications, the current drive regulation guarantees safe and reliable operation of the driver under normal conditions or during motor startup and stall conditions, and also reduces system power and supply bypassing requirements. A scaled copy of the internally sensed current is output to an external pin.

The three drivers MAX22201, MAX22202 & MAX22207 only differ in the control input and the off time. All versions feature overcurrent protection, thermal shutdown and undervoltage lockout, and fault output and are available in the tiny 3x3mm TDFN12 package. Evaluation boards are available for easy evaluation.

The small package, exceptionally high efficiency and integrated accurate current measurement make the MAX22201, MAX22202 & MAX22207 full bridges an excellent choice for space and performance critical applications.

Downloads & Links

MAX22201 + 02 + 07 datasheet (PDF)

ADI Trinamic DC-Motor Driver overview (PDF)

MAX22201 | MAX22202 | MAX22207

MAX22201-EVKIT | MAX22202-EVKIT | MAX22207-EVKIT

DC-Motor ICs


If you would like to know more about ADI Trinamic DC motor drivers, please contact:

Guido Gandolfo
Product Line Manager
Motion Control
+49 5424 2340-57

World innovation: energy-efficient, space-saving, cost-cutting

Smart solenoid driver from ADI Trinamic with numerous innovative diagnostic options offers sensor-like functions and simplifies the development of cost-effective miniature actuators.

MAX22216 Solenoid-Driver

ADI Trinamic’s fully integrated MAX22216 simplifies design with numerous new features.  It is primarily intended to drive inductive loads such as on-off solenoid valves, DC motors, proportional valves, bi-stable valves, relays, etc. Each of the 4 half bridges can switch up to 1.7A rms or 3.2A peak at up to 36V. Thanks to the integrated current measurement, no external measuring resistors are necessary.
Advanced diagnostic functions are available to improve system reliability and enable predictive maintenance. These include the world first detection of plunger movement (DPM), inductance measurement, travel time measurement, open-load detection (OL), and real-time current monitoring through a serial SPI Interface. In addition the MAX22216 features a full set of protection circuits, including overcurrent protection (OCP), overtemperature protection (OVT), and undervoltage lockout (UVM). A fault indicator pin is asserted whenever faults are detected.

The MAX22216 half-bridges support two different use cases. In the first case, configuration settings can be entered through a serial peripheral interface (SPI) and can be changed at any time. Alternatively, settings can be stored in one-time programmable (OTP) registers, which are loaded at power-up. This enables stand-alone operations. Registers are user-programmable. The OTP writing procedure must be executed in a factory under well-controlled temperature and voltage conditions.

High-side/low-side single-ended drive operations and bridge-tied load (BTL) configurations are supported. Channel parallelization is also supported. Voltage control (VDR), current control (CDR), and mixed schemes are supported.

In VDR mode, the half-bridge output voltage is controlled. Supply variations are internally compensated.

In CDR mode, the half-bridge output current is controlled. The current is internally sensed and fed back to the controller for accurate closed-loop regulation. Proportional and integral gains can be configured to optimize steady-state errors and dynamic performance.

The MAX22216 integrate functions aimed to optimize solenoid and DC motor drive control. These include a two-level sequencer for power saving, drive signal ramp control (RAMP) for noise reduction, a dither function (DITH) to counteract the effects of static friction and hysteresis, a fast demagnetization feature (DC_H2L) to shorten on-off cycles, and a DC-Motor current limiter for limiting inrush and stall currents.

The MAX22216 can operate in ambient temperatures from -40°C to +125°C and is available in the 5x5mm TQFN32 package.

The MAX22216-EVKIT enables easy evaluation of the MAX22216 in combination with ADI Trinamic’s evaluation board system (Landungsbrücke, Eselsbrücke, TMCL-IDE) or as a standalone board.

Downloads & Links


MAX22216 productpage

MAX22216-EVKIT productpage

Solenoid Driver ICs


If you would like to know more about ADI Trinamic solenoid drivers, please contact:

Guido Gandolfo
Product Line Manager
Motion Control
+49 5424 2340-57

Cost-effective WiFi 6 modules from Emwicon

We hereby present the new, cost-effective WiFi 6 (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax) solutions WMX7206, WMX7206-F and WMX7207 from Emwicon.

These are 2T2R dual-band WiFi 6 modules with PCIe interface as PCI Mini Card, Half Mini Card and M.2 card. In addition, these modules support Bluetooth 5.2. The modules are based on the RTL8852BE chipset from Realtek.

The temperature range is specified with -40°C to +85°C. Driver support is provided for Linux, Windows and Android.

Furthermore, the three module types have CE, FCC and IC certification. The M.2 variant WMX7207 also offers around 100 other certifications and is therefore ideally suited for global use.

Samples are available from stock.

If you are interested, please contact us and take a look at our website.




Introducing the New Facility/Shielded Room Power Line Filter from AstrodyneTDI

Block Unwanted EMI Signals from Your Shielded Facility

Astrodyne TDI, a global developer, and manufacturer of power conversion and EMI/EMC solutions that protect, enhance, and save lives, introduces the new F Series Facility/Shielded Room Power Line Filters. The new F Series features multiple design configurations including multi-line cabinet-style filter solutions and compact box-style single and dual-line filters.

With attenuation (insertion loss) of 100dB @14KHz to 10GHz by MIL-STD-220, these facility filters comply with the requirements of MIL-PRF-15733 and MIL-STD-810 and are safety approved to UL 1283, CE, and CSA C22.2 #8-13. Astrodyne TDI’s F series filters can also achieve extended insertion loss performance to 40GHz when installed with proper EMI shielding and isolation.

The key design features:

To ensure peace of mind, Astrodyne TDI has an entire team of field application engineers and in-factory technical experts to provide support through product selection, installation, and testing.

F Series Facility Filters are ideally suited for: 

  • Secure Facilities
  • Data Centers
  • Strategic Command Centers
  • Foreign Embassies
  • Shielded Rooms
  • EMI Test Labs
  • Radio Astrophysics Research Labs